Month: September 2016

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Written by Amy Simmons A common excuse for many people that do not eat healthy is that it is too expensive. However this is not true! You do not need to buy the most expensive products on the market in order to eat a nutritious and healthy diet. It is possible to save money AND eat heathy! […]

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The benefits of S-Adenosyl Methionine

Written by Bobby Bushnell Sam-e is a chemical found in the body that regulates key functions in living cells. It has been proven that it increases your energy levels by supporting Adensonine Triphosphate. Adensonine Tri-phosphate aids your quick twitch muscles. Theirs evidence that it relieves symptoms of depression, so it’s a good moon regulator. Sam-e […]

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The Benefits of Amino Acids

Written by Bobby Bushnell Amino acids are the building block of proteins that offer a wide variety of benefits. They help reduce fat around the abdominal section and with proper diet; amino acids can enhance fat loss. Amino acids help build and maintain muscle mass. They can prevent muscle breakdown during resistance training and at […]

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Why you Might Want to Reconsider Multi-Vitamins…

Write by Bobby Bushnell There have been a lot of studies proving multi-vitamins are pointless and can even be dangerous. They can adversely affect your body’s functions. You’re better off getting your vitamins through fruits and vegetables than taking a pill. Most people who take multi-vitamins are overdosing on their vitamin intake which will cause […]

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The Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps are Chinese mushrooms and they have a variety of different health benefits. One of the main benefits of cordyceps is its ability to increase oxygen to the lungs. If you are an athlete, cordyceps will increase your cardiovascular endurance and it will boost your energy giving you that extra push. It can help prevent […]

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