3 Reasons to add TABATA to your routine!

Written by Marcus H.

First, what is TABATA?

TABATA is a high Intensity workout designed to burn significant amounts of body fat through muscle tissue retention, increase in Metabolism, and anaerobic/aerobic capacity increase. A variety of exercises are involved in a tabata workout including weight lifting and cardio. The exercise performed goes for 8 rounds and lasts for a duration of 20 seconds with a 10 second rest period for 4 minutes. Tabata was developed in Japan by Dr Izumi Tabata.

Tabata is FUN and unique made for you to burn up to 9-16 calories PER minute. how dope is that? With a 35 minute workout you can burn up to 560 calories! Tabata also helps build your cardiovascular system by increasing your aerobic capacity! Over time you get less winded and be able to control your breathing through the most challenging sets. Tabata is becoming more prevalent because of the proven benefits towards weight loss as well as it being safe and effective; even for beginners. 

1. Tabata training raises your heart rate and speeds up your metabolic rate AT REST!! So you are burning more calories after the workout is completed. #Winning

2. Tabata is beneficial in that it increases maximum oxygen consumption during exercises also called VO2max. This causes a major boost in your stamina and muscular endurance. This way you can win on your level and don’t need to be intimidated by doing 60 minutes of exercise. 

3. Tabata training can be done with NO EQUIPMENT at all. Just total body weight exercises and an intensity that could get you to burn over 500 calories in less than 40 minutes and keep burning calories AT REST. You can do tabata sprints, boxing, core, and so much more! Grab a stopwatch and get to work!

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