ABOUT Excuse Free Fitness

Excuse Free Fitness offers fitness and nutrition programs that are accessible to all. There’s no such thing as a “handicap” in our book. Given the personal journey of founder Caprice O’Bryant, she’s able to work with a truly diverse group of people who are ready to take full control of their lives no matter what may have been in the way before.

Living by the ‘excuse free’ mantra, Excuse Free Fitness works with all clients, setting personal goals and always providing motivation and encouragement while empowering them to strive for a wholesome and balanced life, inside and out. We have one life to live – let nothing get in the way of wellness.

Mission: Excuse Free Fitness is designed to offer clients a unique, fun, and memorable experience every time they finish one of our workouts or cook one of our recipes! Our goal is to strengthen the health of our communities by providing effective workouts, affordable prices, and life changing results!

Vision: To build a global empire that provides the necessary knowledge and guidance to ready, willing, and dedicated individuals to overcome their obstacles, develop their strengths and dominate their goals!


2016 40 Under 40 Young Women’s Professional League

2017 Small Business of the Year South Suburban Small business association

2018 Millennial of the year The Boss Network

2019 Crown Jewel Award 

About Caprice

Caprice O’Bryant is a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and certified tactical boot camp fitness instructor from the south suburbs of Chicago. Just 24 years old, she is the proud founder of Excuse Free Fitness and loves inspiring everyone through fitness, nutrition and her personal story—demonstrating how it’s more than possible to live a wholesome life no matter your circumstances. She believes (and proves!) that as long as you don’t have excuses or give up, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Here is Caprice’s story, which has motivated many clients to date:

In 2007, Caprice survived a serious car accident, leaving her with a traumatic brain injury, unable to walk and impaired cognitive abilities—to the point where she had difficulty following simple instructions. Thanks to the help of an extensive 5-month regimen of physical, speech and occupational therapy, Caprice recovered and reunited with her friends at school. There, she joined her high school track team and quickly rose to stardom, winning every race and was named conference champion. While she had to wear a knee brace and adjust to high school, Caprice moved forward excuse free, not stopping herself from doing what she loved!

After getting back on her feet and returning to a ‘normal’ life, Caprice was unfortunately in another car accident, just three years later. She was left with grand mal seizures, which became a lifelong pattern that would later be diagnosed as epilepsy. In fact, in 2012 she suffered a severe seizure that caused retrograde amnesia, leaving her with no memory of the first nineteen years of her life. Caprice woke up in a hospital, not knowing her name or the family that surrounded her. She was admitted into every major research and top-notch hospital in the country (Mayo Clinic, Christ, Loyola, Northwestern, UIC, etc.), until she received the epilepsy diagnosis.

While all of this could have brought anyone down, Caprice was fueled by her battle and decided to ‘stomp out every excuse’. In her eyes, there was no excuse to not stay healthy and fit, as it always made her feel better, empowering her to focus her energy on what she could do, instead of being tied down by her circumstances. It made her feel unbreakable.

Caprice became certified and opened the popular Excuse Free Fitness in 2015! With her gym, Caprice strived to provide her clients with a sense of hope and inspiration to never give up, no matter life’s circumstances. Now in 2020 this community is currently ONLINE impacting lives across the country 🙂

For more on Caprice, check out this video!