Beating the winter blues!!

Written by Bobby Bushnell

Winter is one of the best times of the year with all the holidays and being with family, but it can also set us back in terms of fitness from all the parties we go to during this time of the year. So here are some tips to keep you motivated to stay in the gym and continue training during the holiday season.

First, go outside and enjoy the snow. Go ice-skating, sledding, or skiing. All of these are fun activities that burn calories.

Find a personal trainer to help keep you progressing and to give you some accountability to get to the gym. Now that the summer is over, set a new goal for next summer by working hard inside the gym so you can have that beach body by next summer.

Find a partner to work out with so you can both motivate each other to get to the gym and to push each other to finish a workout. Choose an exercise program that is not only beneficial to your health, but is also fun so that you look forward to going to the gym.

Lastly, remember to take your Vitamin D since we’re in the winter months; this will protect your immune system and give you the energy you need to work hard in the gym. Don’t let this weather prevent you from progressing with your fitness goals; say to yourself everyday that nothing is going to stop me from succeeding and achieving my goals and everything will come together to work towards your good. Happy Holidays!!!

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