Fitness Myths & Facts You Need to Know

Written by Bobby Bushnell

1. The more you sweat, the more calories you burn?
Myth: Just because you sweat a lot doesn’t mean you’re burning more calories because sweat is just a biological response that cools your skin and regulates internal body temperature.

2. Starving yourself will reduce body fat?
Myth: Not eating to lose body fat is wrong because when you don’t eat, your metabolism slows down and your body is hanging onto excess fat.

3. Fitness can reduce the risk of developing depression?
Fact: When you workout and get your heart rate up, you’re sending more blood to the brain which will help release your endorphins(happy chemicals).

4. Working out hard everyday will benefit your health?
Myth: Your body needs to recover because if you train hard everyday, you can injure yourself from overtraining which keeps your muscles from growing and your body from improving.

5. The best time to do static stretches is after a workout?
Fact: This will help reduce soreness and stretching after a workout when the body is still warm is the best way to increase joint mobility.

6. You need to sweat for at least 45 mins to get a health benefit?
Myth: If you train for 30 mins or even 10 mins, that is still boosting your cardiovascular health. There should be no excuse for not doing some kind of activity a day even if it’s just for 10-15mins.

7. Girls will bulk up just as big as a guy would if she weight lifts or power lifts for the same amount of time that a guy does?
Myth: Girls have estrogen while guys have testosterone. It’s much easier for a guy to put on muscle for that reason. When a girl trains, she will mostly lose fat rather than putting on mass like a guy would.

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