Hiit Cardio vs Steady State

As a trainer, 7/10 people that inquire about my services want to lose weight, and fast! What they really want to do is lose fat! There are methods for that: proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and strength training! First of all, cardiovascular activity is something you NEED in your life from the time you begin walking until the day you no longer can. Cardio strengthens the hearts muscles and provides oxygen to the rest of the body! When most hear cardio they think running, treadmill or elliptical. However, I’m here to present another highly effective form of cardio that will torch calories and improve your heart’s health! HIIT translates to high intensity interval training. That is an immediate turn off for most. But to break it down, it involves alternating between intense bouts of exercise and low intensity exercises. 

I have seen the benefits of this at Excuse Free Fitness and in my own training! It is my way of catering to the specific needs of the client and it has proved to be better in most cases. Because you’re “intense” is not the next persons “intense.” HIIT is a convenient and safe way to develop your cardiovascular system. The difference between steady state cardio is that it’s all aerobic and is fueled by your stored fat. While with HIIT, it’s anaerobic so it doesn’t depend just on oxygen and the workout is fueled by your stored carbohydrates. In other words, HIIT cardio burns more fat and causes harder breathing! 

Researchers have found many benefits of HIIT besides burning fat effectively:
• increased aerobic capacity: the amount of oxygen your body can use is increased so your overall aerobic capacity can increase faster than with steady state cardio exercises •increased lactate threshold: your ability to hold lactic acid build up in your muscles increases
•improved insulin sensitivity: your muscles readily suck in glucose, instead of the glucose going to your fat stores 
•excess post exercises oxygen consumption effect: your metabolism is increased and you have the ability to burn even more calories for up to 24 hours after interval training. 
Schedule a consultation with an Excuse Free Fitness trainer today and find out which form of cardio is safest and will be the most effective way to reach your goals!

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