How to Gain Muscle while Staying Lean

Written by Bobby Bushnell

One of the best supplements to take to help build lean muscle while cutting body-fat is amino acids. This is protein without the calories. Also, eat a big breakfast due to being nutritionally depleted after a night’s sleep, and a big meal post workout because your muscles will be desperate for more nutrients. This will accelerate muscle growth and recovery while staying lean. If you can’t eat those two big meals a day then eat 5 small meals a day because your body will metabolize it quicker and use it as energy. Consume a lot of probiotics. Probiotics help you absorb more nutrients which will aid in muscle growth and it regulates your metabolism keeping you lean. Some foods rich in probiotics are sauerkraut, yogurt, and sour pickles. Drink green tea; this will help boosts your metabolism. Green tea has an antioxidant in it called catechins and this is what will hinder the storage of body fat. Eat tart cherries; these alter the expression of fat genes. Eat broccoli because it contains sulforaphane which will increase your testosterone levels and fight fat storage. Have oatmeal for breakfast because its high in protein which will aid in muscle mass and its high in fiber which will boost your metabolism.  Most importantly, you must get at least 7 hours of sleep. This will help your body produce more HGH which will aid in muscle mass and reduce body fat.

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