Online Fitness Training

Online Fitness Training

Programs created to help you reach your goals regardless of your fitness level. Our workouts and meal plans are tailored to the you! We want you to move your body and start loving the foods that love you back. Nothing should get in the way of wellness!

Specializing in fat loss our online program options

4 weeks

8 weeks

6 week meal plan

We are here to motivate, educate and inspire you to a healthier and more active lifestyle! We know that without accountability there is no consequence for your inactivity! So we will be checking in with you once you get started to keep you on track. If you have a goal to increase muscle and not lose weight we can help you with that also! Let’s get started!!

All online training programs include detailed workout plans, video tutorials, meal guides and grocery lists.

Personal Training


The first step is to schedule a fitness assessment. This is a $30 non refundable fee. The trainer will conduct

  • Scale weight

  • Body fat percentage

  • Circumference measurements

Those numbers tell her where you are, you tell her where you’d like to be and she designs a plan to help you get there.

Whether you are training 2 or 3 sessions per week you will be given the tools necessary to reach your goals such as a meal plan and other fitness guidance to stay focused.

Personal training programs begin at 8 week commitment to yourself.

FAQ: Sessions as early as 5:30am and as late as 7:00pm. Sessions are 60 minutes.

ALL sessions are private unless otherwise requested.

Available to book assessments April 7th, 2020