Plyometrics Training

Ever tried training like an athlete? For some it may be an advantage and for some a slight disadvantage. Good thing is, training like an athlete does not mean run fast and jump high. Nor does it mean bench press 375 pounds or squat 600 pounds on your back. Training like an athlete simply means you are putting yourself to the test. Self evaluated, you are willing to challenge yourself for the change and results you desire. Plyometrics are great for any individual looking for fat loss, muscular endurance, as well as strength gains.
Plyometrics are explosive compound movements usually performed with body weight or very light loads such as plyo boxes or resistance bands. During plyometrics an individual trains for maximum force for small periods of time with low reps and max effort. Plyos stimulate several different muscle groups at the same time allowing the body to burn off more calories. Not only are plyometrics good for improving athletic performance, plyos are good for fat loss, helps develop fast twitch muscle fibers, and helps coordination and agility as well.
Plyometrics are great for cardiovascular endurance and should be done about 1-3 times per week. Training like an athlete simply means you are better preparing yourself at a higher level while keeping the workout safe and affective. Plyos should be more intense and creative, balanced and customized for each individual to maximize their results. Just understand this, you do not have to be Odell Beckham Jr to do plyometrics and get great results!

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