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3 Reasons to add TABATA to your routine!

Written by Marcus H. First, what is TABATA? TABATA is a high Intensity workout designed to burn significant amounts of body fat through muscle tissue retention, increase in Metabolism, and anaerobic/aerobic capacity increase. A variety of exercises are involved in a tabata workout including weight lifting and cardio. The exercise performed goes for 8 rounds and lasts […]

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Myth Busters! 5 Fitness Myths You Need to Know

Written by Amy Simmons Dairy is good for you it has calcium! No it’s not it’s high in calories! Run it’s good cardio! Don’t run it’s bad for your knees! Lift heavy weights! Lift light you don’t want to look bulky! We are bombarded with information on how to be healthy and get fit, but […]

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I lost 220lbs. Why Not You?

 Interview by Caprice O’Bryant   EFF: Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Marqus Taylor from Chicago, IL. I am an author, photographer and motivational speaker. I always find myself keeping busy by taking photos, building websites or working out. I love to travel and visit different places even if just around the […]

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What You Need to Know About Protein

Protein Powders are growing in popularity, yet a lot of people still have misconceptions about them. One of them being that drinking protein powder shakes will make you bulky. When you weight train you break muscle fibers that when repaired properly, will rebuild stronger muscle (muscle hypertrophy). Protein shakes help you replenish and repair the muscle […]

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