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Why you should eat breakfast to lose weight!

Written by Amy I’m sure you have heard before that you need to eat breakfast to lose weight, but is it true? I’m here to tell you that it is! I know we are all short on time in the morning and suddenly breakfast becomes the last thing on your mind while rushing out the […]

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Myth Busters! 5 Fitness Myths You Need to Know

Written by Amy Simmons Dairy is good for you it has calcium! No it’s not it’s high in calories! Run it’s good cardio! Don’t run it’s bad for your knees! Lift heavy weights! Lift light you don’t want to look bulky! We are bombarded with information on how to be healthy and get fit, but […]

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Why you Might Want to Reconsider Multi-Vitamins…

Write by Bobby Bushnell There have been a lot of studies proving multi-vitamins are pointless and can even be dangerous. They can adversely affect your body’s functions. You’re better off getting your vitamins through fruits and vegetables than taking a pill. Most people who take multi-vitamins are overdosing on their vitamin intake which will cause […]

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Drink To Your Health: Smoothies Vs. Juicing

Is it just us, or does the popularity of drinking your veggies seem to be growing daily? Nearly everywhere you turn there’s someone else swearing by the health benefits of sipping on a liquefied produce concoction. If you’ve noticed too and found yourself wondering what all the fuss is about, or wondering what the difference […]

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