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3 Reasons to add TABATA to your routine!

Written by Marcus H. First, what is TABATA? TABATA is a high Intensity workout designed to burn significant amounts of body fat through muscle tissue retention, increase in Metabolism, and anaerobic/aerobic capacity increase. A variety of exercises are involved in a tabata workout including weight lifting and cardio. The exercise performed goes for 8 rounds and lasts […]

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Written by Peggy Riggins Food as Medicine & Exercise “Mindful Eating” Heal and nourish your body with food. Switching to real foods is key to having a healthy body.  Every meal you eat offers a new chance to build upon a clean lifestyle with minimally processed foods and fewer harmful ingredients.  Clean eating has some […]

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TESTIMONY: Ericka Duncan

Written by: Ericka Duncan My name is Ericka Duncan; I am a 23 yr old full time graduate student. During 2013, post- undergraduate, I was blessed with many opportunities to travel domestically. During my travels, I interned with several agencies and really enjoyed my new “sit down jobs” lifestyle; however, I did not notice how […]

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