TESTIMONY: Ericka Duncan

Written by: Ericka Duncan

My name is Ericka Duncan; I am a 23 yr old full time graduate student. During 2013, post- undergraduate, I was blessed with many opportunities to travel domestically. During my travels, I interned with several agencies and really enjoyed my new “sit down jobs” lifestyle; however, I did not notice how those jobs were affecting my body. By the end of summer of 2013, I weighed 189 pounds. I was unhappy and unhealthy! I reached out to Caprice because I knew that she had been studying to be a certified personal trainer and she seemed to be the only person wanting to help me after telling her how uncomfortable I was with my body. She never judged me and took her time to tailor a program to my overall goals. I started working with Caprice on Oct. 1, 2013. I worked two jobs at the time, one full time, and one part time; I was studying for the GRE and doing weekly volunteer activities. Unfortunately, I did not take any body measurements at that time but I was wearing a size 10 dress/skirt, Size 10-12 jeans, Large in shirts (medium when I was feeling bold). I could not do one push up and struggled to do sit ups with proper form. With my many struggles and crazy schedule, Caprice still made her program work for me. She answered my many phone calls and text about what I should and should not eat and how much pain I was in post workouts. When it got cold (Chicago-COLD) outside, she tailored my gym workouts to be feasible for home instead. We met at least once a week if my schedule allowed, to access and discuss what did and did not work for me. Most of all she was patient. I am a woman of many request and questions and not only did she answer all of my questions, she also supplied efficient workouts tailored just to my goals. June 1, 2014 I weighed 151 pounds with a 29inch waist, BMI of 24 and 26.2 % body fat! In lamest terms, I now wear sizes 6-8 dresses, size 9 jeans, medium/ small shirt COMFORTABLY! At one point I tried on a size 4 skirt from target and it came right up!!! (I almost passed out!) Today I am back to being a full time student and I work part time. It’s not the easiest to fit exercising into my schedule, I want to eat cupcakes and I still have a “sit-down” job, I do not let that hinder what Caprice helped me achieve. I am now a health coach and advise others on how to make the change for their lives! I owe that all to Caprice and her Excuse Free Fitness Plan! She never let me make excuses for myself and I have continued to carry that motivation with me every day!

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