Why you Might Want to Reconsider Multi-Vitamins…

Write by Bobby Bushnell

There have been a lot of studies proving multi-vitamins are pointless and can even be dangerous. They can adversely affect your body’s functions. You’re better off getting your vitamins through fruits and vegetables than taking a pill. Most people who take multi-vitamins are overdosing on their vitamin intake which will cause a lot of trouble to their immune systems. Also, a multi-vitamin is a giant pill and if you can’t break it with your fingers, just think how hard it is for your stomach to break it down.

Studies show only a small percentage of it is absorbed. Also, a synthetic form of folic acid coming from a multi-vitamin can increase the risk of colon cancer or breast cancer because folic acid is in a lot of foods so your already getting a high amount and adding more can be dangerous. The cost of multi-vitamins are so high when you can just get the natural version from food which will metabolize easier and quicker. Multi-vitamins have very little to no benefit and it’s not worth the risk of developing an illness due to vitamin overload.

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