Why you should start teaching your children the importance of making healthy choices ASAP!

The earlier you teach your children the importance of eating healthy, the more likely they are to do so  throughout their life. It’s not as hard as it seems! Getting your children involved can make all of the difference in the willingness to eat healthier. Let them pick out the fruit they like at the grocery store! Make healthy yogurt parfaits or frozen yogurt popsicles. The more involved they are, the more they will enjoy it.

Another great way to teach children the importance of eating healthy is teaching them where their food comes from. Taking them to pick fruit themselves, growing  tomatoes,  or visiting a dairy farm are all fun ways to teach kids where their food is coming from and why it is important to care!

Children can’t eat junk food if someone doesn’t buy it for them! The snacks and food you provide is what they have access to. If they have healthy snack available to them, they will eat them. They might surprise you! If you need to clean the unhealthy snacks out of your pantry and start from scratch. Keep a bowl of fruit like apples and bananas on the kitchen table or counter. The easier the access the more likely they are to make better choices!

Most importantly don’t forget that your kids are watching you! You are their biggest influence, how they talk, how they respond and treat others, how they act, and how they eat is a result of what they have taken in from watching you! If you order a salad instead of a burger they will want one too! Always be aware of how your health habits shape theirs.

Use meal times as a time to teach children about nutrition and making smart choices! Children will carry the habits they form early on through their life so let’s do our best to make sure they are healthy habits that are going to help them not hurt them!

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